I’m Amber Aziza and I have made it my life’s work to help amazing and talented Millennial Entrepreneurs build the business and lifestyle of their dreams. I’ve built and sold my first successful business all before turning 30, so I understand that the biz game isn’t for the faint of heart and sometimes it’s downright HARD! Along with my team of phenomenal women, we help you through the entire process of biz ownership—from the spark of an idea all the way to your first million dollar year!

You’re an innovative entrepreneur.  You’re resourceful and unconventional.  You want to impact lives while living the life that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous.  You’re bootstrapping your way to a successful biz and you want to get the best return on your investments.  You want success by your own rules.  I get it— was there and now have a multi-million dollar empire…and you can too! How? By learning how to become a Midnight Millionaire.


An Entrepreneur who works their butts off, even into the wee hours of the night to build their empires. Those that eat, sleep, breathe, and dream their biz day in and day out. The ones with big dreams and great plans to achieve them. The biz warriors who know that success won't pop up overnight. The game-changers who can't wait until they make their first million so they can say "I've arrived

You have the dream. I have the strategy. Let's make you the next Midnight Millionaire!