"Working with Amber has just been incredible, I have been able to really up level my game as a speaker and coach for Millennials facing the Quarter Life Crisis. Before I always believed I had something to offer but her programme has helped me gain crystal clear clarity on what my signature programme is and how to position it to really help me stand out not just as a speaker but also as a coach. She really knows her stuff! And it doesn't even stop there, I was completely blown away by the fact that I got full access to her and her team's actionable marketing results! I mean physical, tangible and real results, they literally took my dreams and concepts and materialized them and customized them to fit me and my audience- my promo reel, worksheets, speaker one sheet... everything! If you want to stand out as a speaker and distinguish yourself as an expert in your field so you can land major speaking engagements and clients, she is your girl!"

Miss Inspirer (Shaneil Stewart)
Life Coach and Motivational Speaker
London, UK

"The experience of Working with Amber has literally been life changing. Within less than 2 weeks of coaching with Amber & learning her principles, my company secured it's first $25,000 client!

Her strategies, insight, and approach have shifted my expectation and income to another level."

Mark Moore Jr.
Founder | CEO of Moore Communications, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"As a direct result of my work with Amber my monthly website views have increased by 27%, I'm getting more interview requests, and I have been named a 2015 DC Metro Phenomenal Women honoree. Working with Amber has literally changed both my personal life and my business reach and impact. I wholeheartedly recommend every business owner hire Amber to help you get clarity around your business, market like a pro, and overall grow your business.

Quiana Murray
Founder | CEO of
Washington, DC, USA

"Amber Aziza is the Ultimate coach! She helps you recognize your passion, and teaches you how to enhance it to reach your target audience and the world! Since working with her, I have LITERALLY been connected with people who are experts in my field who I would have never met without Amber! Because of her expertise my confidence in myself and my brand has shot to the moon! She understands every level of success...oh did I forget to mention that her prices can't be beat for the quality of service she offers."

George D. Moore
Motivational Speaker
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"When I met with Amber Aziza, I was on the verge of launching a membership-based career site to accompany my one on one coaching services. I had the desire, a dream and a shell of website but that is all. I had so many questions and anxiety. Both of which stalled my launch. I knew that I needed help but there are so many coaches that are simply not worth the investment.

I had started following Amber on Periscope, and began to trust her advice and lessons. Amber was one of the coaches that I had identified as giving value each and every time without fail.  It was easy to make the decision to hire her assist me. I scheduled and intensive to get a few questions answered. What I walked away was so much more than a few answers! In less than thirty minutes into my intensive, I had membership pricing confirmed, a new name for the site, ideas for promotions, and advice on collaborations. Amber answered questions that I did not even know that I needed the answers to! Amber is a very quick and decisive business coach that is generous with her wealth of knowledge and resources.The bonus to my intensive was the turnkey resources that Amber provided me that gave me instant content to get my site started.

As a result of working with Amber, I was able to add passive, reoccurring income to my business. The confidence I had to move forward after working with her was priceless.


What makes Amber different from most business coaches is that she has walked the walk. She is not a “text” book coach. She has built successful businesses and helped others to do the same. Amber is the real deal.

I highly recommend Amber and her team. Don’t think twice- hire Amber and ASquared Coaching."

Devay Campbell
Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA


"Amber Aziza is a millennial business genius and it was an honor working with her during our one on one intensive in Atlanta. Prior to working with Amber, I was undercharging and afraid of marketing my products and speaking services. After an emotional half day intensive, Amber convinced me to double my speaking fees and increase the cost of my signature brand coaching program. Within less than 30 days of working with Amber, I made over $8,000+ in my signature brand coaching program. Amber not only helped me boost my confidence but she also gave tangible action steps that helped me turn my money dreams into a sustainable financial reality. She has a knack for unlocking profits from your business. I look forward to working with her again."

Shadè Y. Adu
Speaker & Personal Brand Strategist

Headshot Brittney Quarterman.png

Before working with Amber I had a mental business plan making it impossible to connect to my ideal client. I was just winging it as I went along with no clear strategy. Working with Amber was a breathe of fresh air. From the moment I sat in front of her with my business ideas, she guided me through every step of my business in detail,  freeing my mind to grasp the fact that I now have a million dollar brand with a million dollar strategy . Since my intensives with Amber I have had continued support in the rebranding of my company. I am now the proud owner of a brand that is authentic to me. I found my niche market and have gained clarity and strategies on how to stream passive income without breaking a sweat. Amber’s hands on approach to helping me build my business has made entrepreneurship enjoyable again."

Brittney Quarterman
CEO of Staff My Childcare Agency