Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr. Aikyna Finch
Social Media and Life Coach

She coaches in the areas of Empowerment, Life and Social Media. She has been training on social media for individuals and groups since 2008. She is a Contributor for the Huffington Post and BlogHer Social Influencer. She has been certified and coaching since 2014. Her passion is to educate and motivate others to get their messages out through social media while reaching their greatest self.

Jamal Vallair

Jamal Vallair
Business & Life Coach

Without a Vision and a Plan of action our personal and professional goals will often fall short or will not be achieved. As a Coach, it is my passion to help prevent that. My desires is to help  visionaries from all walkways of life connect the dots from where they presently are in life and transition to where their destiny aspires them to go. 

My personal motto: Life is truly what you choose to make of it, regardless of the circumstances that life throws at us. Coaching gives visionaries the strategic advantage and a golden opportunity to discover our untapped potential hidden within obstacles that life may try to present to us.

Isi Aladejobi

Isi Aladejobi
Business & Growth Strategist

Isi Aladejobi is a digital marketing & business strategist. Before the age of 22, she launched two businesses and won first place in Ernst & Young’s Your World Your Vision competition, securing $10,000 for her business venture. She is a self taught digital marketer with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Isi is passionate about digital marketing, business strategy, tech entrepreneurship, and women empowerment. She works with CEOs of startups & small businesses to create digital marketing playbooks to help them leverage digital channels to increase their revenue and digital footprint. She has helped her clients increase revenue by 300%, grow their social media following by tens of thousands, and create an influx of new & paying customers. She also works closely with CEOs to steer their overall company strategy. 

Tony R Sanders
Sales Coach

"No company has gone out of business by providing their customers solutions!"

Tony R Sanders "The Solutionist" is a passionate sales coach and a problem solving specialist! offering free sales advice to some of his friends and colleagues. Tony quickly realized that most business owners are natural hustlers but lacked the skill and structure to bring in consistent sales. That's why today, Tony is passionate about providing the best sales solutions to entrepreneurs to help keep their dreams alive!

Ilesha Graham
Consultant for Speakers & Leaders

Ilesha (pronounced E-lay-sha) is a professional speaker and consultant to business professionals, thought leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs who want to expand their impact, influence and income through speaking.  As an international speaker, who has broken into the inspiration, education, and business markets, Ilesha brings a unique depth and breadth of speaking experiences to support her clients. And as a professionally trained master teacher, she is able to break down the seemingly complex “art and science” of speaking in such a way as to propel her clients to high levels of success in a short amount of time. 

Ilesha has been featured on her local ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX40 news affiliates, YahooNews!, Mashable, Huffington Post, NewsOne, as well as, several print media outlets. She holds a MA in Education from California State University, Sacramento and a BS from University of California, Davis, which she attended on full academic scholarship.

Tiffany Lanier
Business Clarity Coach

Tiffany is a sought-after Clarity Coach and Vision Ignitor for today's Leaders, Experts, and Creatives looking to impact the world through the work they do. She is known as the Queen of Clarity, helping her clients get clear on who they are, what they do, and how they want to do it. She uses her background in Personal Development, Business Development, Digital Marketing and Personal Branding to help her clients create from the core and show up in the world with true soul-alignment.

Tiffany is also a international Public Speaker + Facilitator on personal change, personal branding, and social leadership. Her passion to help others tap into their personal power and create change started when she launched her first organization to build unity in diversity on her college campus. Since then, Tiffany’s passion to start-up and change the world has lead her to helping Startup’s and entrepreneurs around the world grow their business online and off.