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Thanks so much for sharing your words with my tribe of 20,000+ peeps!! Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your blog! By submitting your blog, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms below. If you seek to directly advertise to my tribe as well as guest blogging, Please contact me!

Guest Blogger Guidelines

In the essence of space, time and creativity, all posts must be within the 500 – 750 word range. Currently, we are only accepting posts written in English. All posts must be original work not published elsewhere currently and we request that it not be published elsewhere in the future.


To avoid any issues or misunderstandings please note our link policy:

1. You may include ONE link back to your site or blog within the content of your post if appropriate.

2. You may include ONE link back to your site in your Authors Bio.

3. Affiliate links within post content are not allowed.

4. ASquared Coach may elect to insert ONE link to their blog content within your post if appropriate.

5. You will be allowed ONE feature image and one post insert image. If you provide the images, they must be properly attributed

and have been credited. Proof of permission of use may be requested. Should you not have a photo you would like to use, we

may provide a suitable image at our discretion.


Once final post (after edit process) is accepted, the article will be properly credited to the author, but we request that it not be

republished anywhere else. We only accept original content that has not been previously published.

Posts may be edited after submission. Suggested changes are not meant to offend. Changes are made in order to keep the

content reader focused, within ASquared Coach standards and to meet formatting guidelines.

1. Provide title of 75 characters or less

2. Provide Meta description of 140 characters or less. If no Meta description is submitted, we may choose one at our discretion

3. Article should be SEO strong for the topic

4. Article submitted in Word or Google Docs  is preferred

5. Please use short paragraphs or bullet points for easy reading

6. Author is required to submit an Author bio and headshot image to be featured at the end of the article.

Thanks again for joining the awesome peeps who have made a difference in my tribe's lives!

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