New to coaching?  Ready to be trained by one of the nation's best coaches?  There's a certification for that!

We invite you to become a certified Asquared coach.

Certified Coaches receive training from Amber Aziza that lasts 90 days and is conducted virtually bi-weekly with a graduation and certification ceremony.  The ceremony will be held in Atlanta, GA on Saturday June 4, 2016. 

The Training will cover:

  • Identifying your coaching styles

  • Setting up your coaching biz for success

  • Leveraging Social Media to build fandom

  • How to build Client Engagement and retention

  • Why most coaches fail to get results

  • BONUS: 2 standard ASquared coaching packages that can fit any coaching type!

This exclusive certification is available for an investment of 4 monthly payments of $250 or $900 lump sum.

So why should you become a certified Asquared Coach?

  • Specific trainings annually with the latest and greatest coaching practices and methods. 

  • Being certified tells the world that you have been trained by Amber Aziza, one the countries leading 7 figure business coaches and consultants.

  • Resources and templates to help you define and execute your own unique coaching style.

  • Certified coaches are also recommended to Asquared Coach clients who are on the waiting list and are eligible to become in-house coaches.

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