Building community is a very important business building skill. This is where your collaborations, masterminds and tribes are formed. This is also how you get your message out to your targeted audience. Using social media can truly enhance your community building experience. This is a way to reach an audience that you could not reach locally as well as a way to build the relationships you want to take offline.

Here are 4 reasons you should use social media when building community for business:

1. It opens up more opportunities for you to display your products and services. Displaying your products and services on LinkedIn or a Facebook Profile is a good way to let people know about what you provide. You can also display these items in your bio and in your posts in other platforms like Twitter, Periscope or Instagram. Remember to tailor to your audience and come from a place of education, entertainment or empowerment. Do not try to sell your audience because no one likes to sold.

2. It helps you build your brand. Make your profiles reflect your interest and experience in your industry. Be consistent in your information and your posts. People that follow you should be able to truly and clearly see your message and purpose from all of your profiles and your website. In turn, you will be adding value to your industry and you will be giving your audience a reason to follow you.

3. It is a way to network with your audience. Don't be afraid to network with others inside and outside of your arena. The reason why you should always network is because you never know who you are meeting and/or their influence level. Treat everyone you come in contact with respect and kindness. Be real because the truth always comes to light so just start off that way. Let people know what you can offer and not come into the relationship from a place what they can do for you.

4. It is a way to do your research. Companies/Brands can seem like pure gold but with social media you can find someone that works in the company or knows the brand and ask them what it is really like so you can make an informed decision. You can also use this information to find out what people find attractive about the company/brand in hopes to communicate better with your community. Know where your audience lives and what they need from your company/brand to keep them coming back.

These are just a few reasons why Social Media will benefit you in building community. If you are ready to go to the next level in your brand and/or business then it is time that you have a strong online and offline community. Use these tips mentioned to get started and to branch out your reach. It is important for the world to hear your message so start the sharing today.


Dr. Aikyna Finch

Social Media and Life Coach

She coaches in the areas of Empowerment, Life and Social Media. She has been training on social media for individuals and groups since 2008. She is a Contributor for the Huffington Post and BlogHer Social Influencer. She has been certified and coaching since 2014. Her passion is to educate and motivate others to get their messages out through social media while reaching their greatest self.