Twenty-eight years old Jane Rudolph sat in front of me re-hashing all of the pain she went through in the hands of her mother and step-dad. She lamented about her suicide attempts because she could not figure out what her purpose in life was. Attending one of my group sessions was her last-ditch effort in figuring out what to do. She believed her life was worth ‘something” but what that something is, she did not know. She listened to others stories, painstakingly hanging on to each thread of discussion, like her life depended on them.

My name is Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, a Life Strategist, Your Vision Midwife™, and Purpose Pusher™. I am also a 9x Bestselling Author, 3x African Oscar Award Winner, Huffington Post Contributor and an award-winning Film Maker, Founder of World Changers Family (Sister Tribe™ & Brother Tribe™), Creative Director for STORYTELLER BISTRO™, a Virtual Incubator for Emerging Creative Entrepreneur, inspiring and motivating them to dream BIG. While as a princess, it would be easy to say that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, life was not always this way.

Sadly, I went through my ‘valley experiences’ before the afore-mentioned ‘mountain top experiences’. During my valley experiences, I got divorced at 26 with two boys, 4 & 2 years-old to fend for; I lost 2 thriving businesses, was thrown out of my home into the streets, literally lost my mind for 6 months, only to come through to find out that everything I held dear to me was gone! I felt like a failure all around so I attempted to drive my car off the Verrazano Bridge, New York. Even at that, I wasn’t successful. I did not understand why I was just a failure and why I couldn’t even take my own life but divine intervention of GOD who showed me a quick Life Reel™ of my children and was asked a pivotal question: Was I willing to leave a legacy of suicide, failure to my children? Was I okay with the children feeling that they were not enough for their mother to stay alive? This was definitely what I needed to change the course of my life. My determination to face my circumstances did not stop my bitter divorce from stopping neither did it stop the tirade of “hell” drumming down my head. In fact, the heat was heightened and before I knew it, I found myself working out of the “deep freezer”, graveyard shift, at a convenient store. People across the social media platform know me the “lady with the deep freezer story.” The only job I could find was in the middle of the deep freezer! With my masters’ degree, I could not find any decent job nether could I go back home to my royal family as this was a sign of colossal failure and I wasn’t ready for that! For three years, my children and I slept on a cold hard cement floor, trusting GOD and hoping that one day, we would recover from all that was lost. The deep freezer which was supposed to freeze me became a protective haven for me. Before I knew it, I wasn’t feeling the cold but glued to the lessons I was being taught divinely. After much deliberation, crying, lamentation, I began to work my way through the success blueprint and exist strategy needed to move out of poverty.

Today, I share these strategies, Success Blueprint & Exit Strategy with mentees who see my services as their Vision Midwife™. I hope to share with readers.

Why am I sharing this painful past with you? I share it for the following reasons:

(1). You must realize that the hero we are looking for, to rescue you from whatever you may be going through is YOU.
(2). That the creator has placed inside of you everything you need to survive and thrive.
(3). That people will only get as excited about any part of your life, if they see you excited too.
(4). You must develop the bodacious attitude to ensure your success regardless of how difficult the situation is.
(5). Know that there is a beginning and end to everything. Whatever rough patches you may be going through, the end is nearer that you think
(6). You are a great participant in your freedom and success.
(7). You get rid of toxicity around you. People are who they say they are; so, believe them even when they are not speaking out loud.
(8). It takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, it takes you finding your tribe, those who support you when necessary and correct with expected.

Finally, but most importantly, YOU ARE THE HERO IN YOUR OWN LIFE STORY! No-one has your DNA! Nobody can replace you where the plan is to impact global communities. Understanding that I am the hero, helps me to let my guard down. Being the hero makes me remember that I will go through trials and contributions but I will succeed.

Until next time, be inspired, be motivated, be empowered, and be of sentimental value.


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