I'm thinking some of you watch Game of Thrones. Am I right? This show is crazy popular, despite it not being the most uplifting show on TV. I don't watch it, but I've wondered if I should. Although rare, every now and then I have a case of FOMO. It’s not keeping me up at night, but you get the point.

One of my closest friends lives for Game of Thrones. I know others who have binge-watched the series, because for them it’s like Lays Potato Chips: you cannot have just one.

Here's the thing. If you don't know about GOT. it's pretty violent and certainly has a dark side. I hear that just recently, several characters - fan favorites no doubt - have been killed off.

I may not watch, but I know that on more than one occasion, it's appeared everything is going to hell on Game of Thrones. Given the doom and gloom, threat of ice zombies, and characters often facing a bloody demise, I wasn’t really surprised to read a blogger say watching GOT can be an exercise in masochism. Damn!

This happens in our businesses and lives from time to time. Not necessarily masochism, but doom and gloom. Or so we convince ourselves of such (however I’m proud to say I’m a recovering doom gloomer...off my medication and everything).

Rarely is that the case. Really, it’s not.

I want to remind you that your business, brand, career, bank account, waistline, relationships, or life has not all gone to hell. Stop making Mt. Everest out of Bunker Hill. The monsters and dragons you think you see are only imaginary. Even if they are real, they are not half as big as you’re making them. Stop giving them power, and they will flee.

Although we spend (waste) so much precious time worrying about things, the majority of which never happen, we often fail to do something that could make a huge difference: believe the truth.

The truth is, 90% (perhaps more) of the time, we're not dealing with the major catastrophe we think we are. The world is really not ending because we're not making money or struggling to have work-life balance.

In fact, although hard to believe, I can assure you none of the following are the absolute worst that can happen, therefore not presenting the ultimate Game of Thrones experience you’re conjuring up:

  • Being terrified to go ALL in with your dreams

  • Struggling to juggle your 9-5 along with building your business

  • Failing to write that book after 10+ years

  • Constantly putting everyone else before yourself

  • Bankruptcy

  • Foreclosure

  • Having to get the 4 yr-old BMW vs. the brand new one

  • Not hearing from “Bae” seven whole days

  • Realizing Bae is just not that into you (the above was kind of a hint)

  • Divorce

  • Multiple divorces

  • Miscarriage

  • Other loss

  • Lack of control of your kids

  • Not understanding your kids

  • Being overwhelmed by your kids

  • Overwhelm from your business

  • Really slow personal or professional growth

  • Little to no passion for what you do

  • Haven't gone on vacation in years

  • Inconsistency

  • Major procrastination

  • Failure to fit into anything you remotely like

Sure, these things suck. They're far from ideal. Any of these scenarios could keep you up night. Have you thinking there is no hope. If you choose to believe fake news (I think there is enough of that out there). Or maybe you should ask yourself some hard questions and choose to believe the truth.

-There is always hope.

-You can gain back control.

-You can have/create a SWAGeriffic relationship.

-You can stop thinking and talking and start DOING. Then KEEP doing.

-You can have financial freedom.

-You can build the life you want.

-The sky is not falling.

So save all that drama for yo' mama. Actually, your mama doesn't want it either. I just wanted to rhyme. I'm thinking your mother, like my mother, wants the best for you. That starts with your mindset. Stop believing or even entertaining the worst and get out of your own freaking way! You may also want to limit Game of Thrones, at least without having a glass of wine and a little… never mind.

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Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux, also known as the SWAG Strategist, loves God, her husband, growing a business, shoes that make her taller, and chocolate. Ok sometimes, unfortunately, chocolate takes priority. Don’t judge her.

She is an award-winning speaker, brand and business strategist, social media marketing consultant, best-selling author and founder/CEO of SWAG Strategy Solutions where SWAG is not just a cool name. It’s an acronym that stands for Strategic Women Achieve Growth.

Rachel is also the creator of Brand. Sell. Profit.™ her signature system designed to help her clients connect the dots between building a remarkable brand and a stronger bottom line. Her upcoming book of the same title is for those who want to slay their brand, sell like a champ, and profit like a boss! Find out more at her website www.swagstrategy.com