A very wise proverb states, “Above all else guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life.” How often do you take inventory of what’s flowing in and out of your heart? I challenge you to do it more often you may find some correlation between much needed soul work and lack of success in the areas where you want it most. What exactly does this possibly dated proverb mean? I can give some insight but I would never attempt to exhaust the explanation. Our heart is the quintessential part of us that houses the center of our inner most feelings, our attitudes and our power to decide; sometimes used figuratively for hidden things. If the proverb suggests that I need to guard my heart then it teaches me that my heart is an extremely important part of my existence and experience that needs to be tended to with watchful care.

I believe the ancient proverb is teaching us a few things that are very pertinent to our success as human beings and the many hats we wear on a daily basis. For example, as a business person if you envy someone else’s success or lack integrity you will not make for good business relationships because your character/business acumen can go no further than what’s truly in your heart. Since the proverb signifies that the heart needs to be guarded I believe I am safe to concur that the heart is special and possesses valuable attributes; physically it is the organ of life protected by my rib cage and it is the center of emotional, mental and moral activity. Our hearts can experience emotions like joy, pain, anger, compassion for a stranger or envy for something you think you cannot obtain.

The emotional state of our heart can affect the health of other parts of our lives. Our hearts can lack wisdom, either because we lack an ear to hear sound judgment and we choose to go full force into situations like a freight train with no brakes or we lack the essential knowledge and experience to help us make the choices that bring about return on investment and instead leave us with costs we sometimes aren’t prepared to pay! Our hearts can lack courage, be calloused and foolish when we do not take the time to cultivate a sound environment so it can thrive. A wise heart has the potential to yield a harvest of beneficial outcomes over cataclysmic consequences that leave us high and dry. A wise heart can see something and want it bad but an even wiser heart says, “Yes I want it but no I don’t need it.” Does a good heart mean I lead a boring life, absolutely not, it means you lead your best life!

I understand why the old proverb is still so very relevant today especially when a driver for decision making in today’s society can be anything  from a filtered superficial snapshot, side-eyed stalker-ish comment, or a social media status update that can either make or break our day or worse our esteem. It begs the question, “Can our heart ever be in the right place?” I believe it can but like with anything else it’s a choice and a choice to cultivate a good heart in today’s world will cause your uniqueness to emerge impacting your sphere of influence and beyond with goodness one interaction at a time. Here are some reason’s to guard your heart;

  1. When you guard your heart you protect it from moral decline which opens you up to things like bitterness, unforgiveness, lying, and jealousy. These attributes are proven ways to cause your relationships and even your business to go belly-up.

  2. Guarding heart (not hardening) helps you to stop and include your mind in your decision making process. Some decisions can sound great until you truly start to count up the cost and realize you might not be able to afford what the situation or the business decision is asking you to pay. Be wise, your heart can lead as long as you take your mind with you!

  3. When you guard your heart, you learn to guard your mouth. Your mouth is filtered by what’s in your heart so out of a clean heart will come sound words filled with life and positivity instead of negativity. This is not just a reference to swear words but more importantly making a lifestyle choice to use words that build up and encourage instead of tear down either when speaking about you or to others.

The wisdom in this proverb for me is this; whatever you’re most important task it pales in comparison to diligently watching over your heart because your heart determines the course of your life, that’s huge! Keep your heart smart by watching what goes in and even what’s coming out! Watch out for anything or anyone that causes your heart-flow to narrow restricting your life’s reach and ability to receive. Make sure you flush it out regularly with spiritual teaching, encouraging environments and relationships that hold you accountable to your best self.

One of my most invaluable life lessons: Lead with good heart not a nice heart. I led with a nice heart for  many years and it resulted in unwise decisions, poor relationships and being under-paid for my services just to name a few. When I made the choice to renew my thinking and give my mind an upgrade my heart got an upgrade as well! So I’ll say to you what I learned, “You matter, your heart is important, and your feelings matter.” My heart, like yours after reading this blog should now have boundaries; kind of like property lines that homeowner’s put in place to know where their property begins and where it ends. Experience has taught me what to zone out- which means I have the power to control what goes in and I can get rid of what doesn’t need to be there and it is my responsibility to be a good manager of my  most prized possession; my heart. Our hearts are smart and we need to start treating them that way. My journey also taught me to make choices that cultivated a good and a wise heart to enhance my life and the lives of others. One of the best lessons of all, real love and real wisdom taught me to know when to open my heart to the law of reciprocity so that I could safely receive good and receive love. Guard the well-spring that is your heart so that out of it can flow the soundness you need to live the passionately purpose filled life you dream about. It starts with your heart.


Kimberly Lee

Transformational speaker, Author and the Director and the voice of the Empowered Living

She is fiercely committed to those who are processing their pain and yet pursuing their purpose so they can come into their own value, voice and life vision. She is the author of On the Brink of a Breakthrough and Bridge to Breakthrough expressly designed to help you shift from mindsets that undermine your potential while encouraging you to prosper holistically.

Kimberly mentors and ministers to those who have in some way felt and experienced cycles that kept them stuck in a passion less, unfulfilled rut.  She was born to build other people up so they can construct the lives they truly want to live. Most people that enlist her help feel they need to re-invent themselves for a more profitable and fulfilling lifestyle and want to go from pain to purpose. Kimberly creates value and results by building them up mentally and spiritually to understand their greatness no matter what they have endured.  She has impressive experience in breaking through hard places in life, inspiring others, soul-work techniques and professional speaking. She proudly holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is an ordained minister. In her spare time you can find her stopping to smell the roses while drinking coffee of course, taking in a movie, spending time with family, creating videos for social media, teaching classes or honing her mentoring skills.

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