To be clear, a Brand is not a Logo. I have heard it explained this way: Think of Starbucks, their Logo is that funny Mermaid Lady in their signature Green. Yet their Brand is the experience that starts as soon as you open the door. It’s in the smell of coffee, the lighting, the colors, right down to your custom cup of delight with your name on it.  Their Brand is their promise to you about  of what is to be expected by entering their presence.  In other words, a Brand is not a Logo but a promise that you give to others about what they should expect when working with you.

What should people expect from you? How will you communicate that you will deliver that expectation? These are questions to consider before going a job interview or considering an entrepreneurial endeavor. One way we can start to build our personal Brand is to ensure that our Digital Footprint matches who we are at this point in our life.

When we are hired, the bad news is that we will be Googled. The good news is that we will be Googled! What will our Online Resume say? Will it demonstrate our Expertise? Again, Brand Development started way before we sat for our first interview and will continue to evolve throughout our life. While we may have had missed opportunities to fully speak to what we do. The Online world is forgiving in that “perception is reality”. You can start to paint a picture of your expertise at any point. Any of us can start producing quality content that will solve the problems of our ideal audience.

Thanks to how Search Engines work, consistent quality information will rise to the top of search results. I hope this post helped you to think about the power you have to craft you next opportunity. My aim is to make the process of figuring out where to start with Brand development much easier. I can found on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @rn_solutions, I’d love to hear from you!


Amelia Roberts

Facebook Ad Consultant and Content Strategist

I started Solutions by Amelia with the purpose of showing Business Owners and Entrepreneurs  how to use Social Media to match their service offerings with people who needed exactly what it is they are offering. I find this “matching” is best done by strategically building by Brand Awareness and establishing Thought Leadership with their specific Target Audience.