We all want the success, exposure and multiple commas in our bank accounts. But before we can have the thriving business with the fancy logo, polished photos and drool worthy copy, we should take the time to make sure our business itself is worth supporting.

What I mean is...

  • How is your time consciousness?

  • Are your products and services worth your prices?

  • Do you value your customers’ feedback and experiences?

  • Can you fully deliver as promised?

As your fellow business owner and entrepreneur who wants to see you succeed, I challenge you today to go higher. It’s time to be excellent. It’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time to raise the bar.

Market your business and they will come.

Raise the bar in your business and the will come back!

Here are 4 Ways to Raise the Bar In Your Business Starting Today:

1. Be Intentional

Being intentional in your business means sitting down with your calendar, a notebook (or favorite app), your business besties, a coach, some snacks and the family dog to map out where you want to go next. Some entrepreneurs plan their upcoming month. Others plan their next quarter or five years. Whatever length you choose, practice being intentional by setting goals in your business.

Being intentional also means showing up on time, every time with a well, informed mind ready to conquer any obstacles the days ahead may bring.

So, if you need to memorize a few names to rock your meeting, do it.

If you need to be briefed on the details necessary to make a decision, then do that also.

Want to follow up with a potential lead? Call or email them. You collected their information for this very reason.

And even if it means leaving your cozy bed a few minutes earlier in the morning, then please, by all means get up!

Don’t leave the future of your business up to chance.

Be intentional!

Focus more on your unique value preposition, time sensitive offerings and the anticipation needed to meet your clients’ needs and possible objections.

2. Go the Extra Mile

A great way to incorporate point #1 is by going the extra mile. You’re in business so my guess is that you’re serving someone. If so, then take the time to upgrade your work ethic and downgrade your ego. Business owners are called to serve so go the extra mile whenever you can. Putting in the work that makes your clients sit up and take notice is worth its weight in gold… I mean sales.

Like I mentioned in my e-book 5 Reasons Why Your Branding Is Sinking Your Business, people remember their experiences and surely they’ll remember how you made them feel. And regardless of whether the experience is good or bad, they’ll relay their findings to their inner circle. With that said, it pays to go the extra mile to influence people’s positive perceptions of you and your business.

So, if no referrals have been coming your way then your bar is not raised high enough.

How do you go the extra mile?

The easiest way is by remembering what you’ve promised through your brand in the first place.

Your brand is an emotionally rooted promise shared with your audience. Therefore, don’t say one thing and do another. And, don’t portray exceptional service if you can’t deliver. Furthermore, if at all possible, stop being AVERAGE. Make the effort to do something above and beyond your client’s expectations.

For example, if your coaching business is all about serving busy moms then reflect that in the tiny details of your brand. Email them easy recipes on-the-go; recommend kid friendly apps and tv shows that edutain (educate & entertain); and show empathy when their youngest child spilled Pediasure all over their favorite shirt before arriving to your session.

3. Stop Making Excuses

I repeat… STOP. MAKING. EXCUSES! (yes, I used my outside voice)

We’re all human which means we all experience pain and disadvantages at some point in life. However, as entrepreneurs, it’s how we choose to handle the pain that will set our businesses up for failure or success.

Those who learned how to make the most out of a dire situation often end up on the successful side of life. That’s because their positivity and motivation affects the atmosphere and everyone around them.

Positivity ignites motivation and motivation spurs action.

If you’re the kind to constantly complain and make excuses for not performing well in your business, then complacency will settle in and bring what you’ve worked for down to its knees.

Stop making excuses to avoid the inevitable sad ending of your business.  

4. Stop Lying

Stop lying to yourself. Stop lying to your customers.

Being a visual branding expert who spent 10+ years designing for brands while creating my own, the emphasis I have on lying is based on what I see across social media. Specifically, I’ve observed two types of business owners who use their brands to lie profusely.

The first type of brand liars are the ones who produce breathtaking visuals that are attractive, evokes undeniable passion and portrays the highest forms of quality yet their customer service is deplorable. --You know, the kind that makes you want to slap someone’s mother.

Even worse, their actual products and services fail 99.9% of the time in producing anything close to what their brand promises.

That is lying.

The second type of brand liars are the ones who have lackluster and inconsistent branding yet their products and services cost more than Oprah’s estate.

Are the items for sale really worth the high price tag? Or is some form of trickery in the works?

Somebody’s lying.

When a company’s branding and prices don’t align, their trust factor plummets considerably as it’s hard to invest in a business that doesn’t seem to invest in itself.

If that’s you then I encourage you to raise the bar in your business by stopping the lies. Stop pretending to be something you’re not and stop expecting others to perform in areas you haven’t.


So will you be raising the bar in your business?

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Daveia Odoi

Visual branding expert and creative business coach with 10 years of experience in tailoring great design for greater returns.

She is the CEO of DNT Dynamite Design, a full service branding studio based New Jersey, USA.

Daveia is also the creator of “The DynaSmiles by DNT” which is her original collection of happy art sold in the US, UK & Ghana (West Africa) and has been highlighted by Essence, BET and Black Enterprise.

You’re welcomed to connect with her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram with the handle @DaveiaOdoi or by visiting her at www.visualbrandingadvisor.com.

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