We all know that adulting is pretty much the worst. It’s also very hard. 

Supercalafragilisticexpialadociousally hard (you bet I used that word correctly). But we’ve all got to face the facts sometime, and realize that we can’t live in our parents basement watching Rocket Power and eating Trix all day. 

So how exactly does one adult? 

Great question.

I’ve taken it upon myself to outline five solid adulting tips to help you become (or at least feel like) a real grown up. 

Let’s do this. 

1. Learn How To Do Your Taxes

It’s a useful grown up skill that you’re going to need to know. There is no way around it. 

A W-2, a 1049, a 1044, these are staples of every adult’s life. Your future employers, educational system, and spouse will all require you to have this figured out. If you’re not sure what taxes even are, or how to do them here is a pretty good beginner tax resource for you to utilize.  

For a bonus tip, tax season of each year starts January 1st, and you have until April 15th of that same year to file your taxes. 

2. True Adulting Involves Feeding Yourself

Ingredients, fire, utensils, the kitchen. These are essential to an adult’s life arsonal. Not only is cooking your own meals ultimately a little more healthy than eating out, but it will also save you money in the long run. 

You don’t have to start out with a proper souffle’ or some braised lamb chops. Your meals can be as simple as baking chicken, and steaming some rice and broccoli. The point is that you need to get familiar with your inner Betty Crocker.

For some easy recipe ideas you can make quickly and efficiently, and the directions for cooking each, check out this very convenient food guide

3. Be Smart About Your Student Loans

Ahh yes, the most educated generation in history (or so they say). We are also the most indebted coming out of college. So that means we have to put all of that book learnin’ to good use and be conscious of our students loans. 

Here are some great questions to ask yourself to understand your situation better: 

●    How much money do you owe in total? 
●    How much interest do you have to pay?
●    Does the interest compound? 
●    How long do you have to pay the loans back? 
●    Also (and most importantly), how do you actually plan on paying them back? 

For help calculating students loan costs, here is a handy school loan payment calculator that will also tell you how much money you will need to make on average to manage the payments. Using this will help you control and manage your debt.

4. Your Current Job Might Be Your Ticket To Your Perfect Job
Listen, I'm a millennial myself. I understand the appeal of job hopping just as much as the next guy. But I've also learned a great deal and developed many valuable skillsets from my previous places of employment. 

You never know if you might create a relationship at your current job that springboards you into your next position, or end up learning a skill that enables you to get the job that you’ve always wanted. 

Not all jobs are super glamorous or even in the specific field you're ultimately looking to go into. But try not to see any job other than your dream job as all bad, and try to find some silver linings. A huge part of being an adult is learning how to deal with adversity. 

5. Leverage Your Time Better

Our generation is obsessed with social media, and we use it an average of almost 5 hours a day. We were raised on MySpace and AIM. Some of us were even playing with cell phones before we could speak in full sentences. 

We also have horrendous attention spans that have been developed for years by an unlimited amount of incoming stimuli via the internets. Put all of that together and you get a formula for unproductivity. 


Whether you’re mindlessly scrolling, talking to grandma, or memeing, it all adds up. 

Instead of gluing your face to a screen all day, take some time to schedule weekly electronic usage, and once you hit that quota, stop. Use the rest of the time to be more productive. 

At first, it will be hard (I know), but eventually you’ll get used to it, and won’t miss it at all.

Happy adulting!



Kenneth is currently the owner, editor, and also a contributor for a pretty cool millennial lifestyle and career blog. He enjoys a good steak, and being out in the sunshine. His superpower is to help businesses increase their web presence and get found by Google. So get in touch if you’re in need of an SEO. Thanks for reading!