You have much more power than you think. Throughout everyday you create and make things happen in your health, relationships, business, and even in the life of those around you.  Therefore, it is necessary to be mindful of the words you speak and to be more intentional with your choice of words.  Success in life, business, and health begin with your words.

Earlier this year I became so very aware of the power of my words. I found myself wanting to look up words everyday that were encouraging, uplifting, and empowering.  It was fascinating and fun to make it a point to use that word throughout the day in conversations in and out of my head.

As I shared what I was doing with others in my office they too began looking forward to the word of the day, and would also use the word throughout the day.  People told me how it made them feel better and they in turn passed that good feeling on to others.



Your Words Have Life

Your words cause things to happen for you or against you.  The question is “Are your words working for you?” Be mindful of what you are speaking into existence in your life, your health, your business, your children, your relationships, and the list goes on and on. 

You think to yourself what you do want but then you speak what you don’t want. Example, you think to yourself, “I want to start a business to afford a better life for my children”, but you speak, “I will never be able to have my own business” or “I’m not smart enough to have a business of my own”.  Instead you should be saying, “I will start my own business and be prosperous”!  A rejuvenated life starts with the words you speak, start today, don’t wait!

Your Words are like Magnets

Magnets are those things that attract or repel other objects or other magnets via an invisible charge. Just like magnets, your words go out and work; they are drawing things and people to you or repelling things and people away from you.

Your words are invisible, you cannot see them and they have a charge in effect. What are your words attracting to you, sticking to you like glue? What seems to always be just out of your reach? It could be your words repelling instead of attracting, a negative charge versus a positive charge.

You are a magnetic being, attracting and/or repelling others and things all the time, everyday. Make sure your words work for you not against you. Use the magnetic charge of your words to attract your success, your healing, your prosperity, healthy relationships and your rejuvenated life.

It is also okay to use your words to repel failure, doubters of your worth, all negativity, and anything or anybody that is not FOR you. Use your magnetic charge for your good!

Your Words are like Arrows

When you speak your words go forth out of your mouth like arrows. The archer always has an intended target for the arrows that they shoot. Think of yourself as an archer when you speak. You know the old saying that you should think before you speak? Are you words reaching their intended targets or do they have targets at all?

Do you ever take this into consideration, with all of the words that you speak on a daily basis? Well, I admonish you to think before you speak intentionally. See if your words reach their targets more often than not; target your business, health, finances, and even your mindset, whatever it is that you need to be on point.

Having a rejuvenated life begins with how you think and what you speak into the atmosphere.

Stand Behind Your Words

If you don’t stand behind your words, people will not stand with you. Develop a track record of keeping your word. People should know that they can count on you and the value of your word.

There is nothing worse than having a track record of being the person whose word means nothing. Don’t let your word be compared to a vapor of smoke, once it has left your mouth it vanishes into thin air, poof.

Integrity is a priceless key, you must be true to yourself and the rest will follow. The rejuvenated life is built on the integrity of your words.


Hillary Gooden is a spiritual leader in Ministry and is now bringing powerful health and wellness strategies to those that have an interest in discovering what they can do to help their body to heal itself without pharmaceuticals.  She believes that God has given her a mandate to help others to be healthy, wealthy and vibrant; mind, body and spirit through understanding and activating their lymphatic system.  The Art of Lymphasizing involves using different techniques, one of which is the use of a mini-trampoline to work the lymphatic system.  She received training through the International Institute of Lymphology and became a Certified Lymphologist.  Her mission is to help prepare busy women entrepreneurs and leaders to live a life in peace without pain, disease or stress.  A Vibrant Life starts with the mindset; using techniques that will improve overall health and wellbeing.  She believes that when you feel better; healthy and vibrant, you are in alignment to prosper economically, physically and spiritually, doing what you love.