Hey girl Hey

I know I know! It’s been a minute since we've blogged! Just like that one guy you used to date who called you all the time and then poof , radio silence for weeks only for him to turn around 3 weeks later and text you “Sup girl?” But I PROMISE, unlike him, we had a good reason!

The A2 team and I have been spending the last 3 weeks in deep planning mode for 2017. On-boarding new amazing coaches, designing and laying out the Platinum Group syllabus for next year, and deciding which amazing locations will host our retreats! SO much was going on, that I went into mini-hiding to get it all done! Now I’m back like a powered up Mrs. PacMan and want to talk to you about a word my team and I have avoided saying during the past few weeks…”but”.

Think about the last conversation you had about your goals, how many times did you slide in the word “but” into the convo?

“I want to hit 6-figures in my biz, but my 9 to 5 won’t let me be great”

“I want to have a better relationship with my mother, but she drives me crazy”

“I want to make more time for my hubby, but with the kids and work and biz, it’s just not possible”

“I forgive her for telling my secret, but I’ll never trust her again”

I recently attended a conference where I was awarded the Shero of the Year Award. At this event, I learned what the word “but” really stands for:


You see , when we throw in the word “but” we’re really saying is “Everything that comes after the word ‘but’ is what I really mean, the first part is just so that I’ll sound sincere”. In short, what comes after “but” is your ultimate truth!  Let’s see what our statements above look like with only the ultimate truths:

“I’m allowing my 9 to 5 to hold me back from 6 figures in my biz”

“My mother drives me crazy, so that’s my excuse to not have a better relationship with her”

“Making time for my hubby isn’t really a priority”

“That chick will never be trusted and will never be my friend again”

When we use “but” we create self-limiting language, we unknowingly self-sabotage by saying what we desire, but immediately following it with our fears, self-doubts, and excuses. So do me a favor—this week, spend 5 days avoiding using the word “but”. If you say it, catch yourself and reword it so that only your confident truth shines through.

After the 5 days is up, comment below and let me know how it went! I’m rooting for you to walk in your ultimate truth so that you can achieve your goals limitlessly!