A couple weeks ago I was chatting with someone on Snapchat about being consistent.

Yes that dreaded (*counts letters*) 10 letter word!

You start… you stop

You do…. You don’t

You procrastinate

Get lazy

Make excuses

Self sabotage

… you just can’t seem to stay consistent. (Sounds familiar?)

That convo was a couple weeks ago but I thought about it every hour on the hour (consistently lol) since then. And the truth is people like Gary Vee and Kevin Hart (I love watching these men on Snapchat), they are SOOOO consistent.

And I found 2 reasons why

1. They actually know WHY they do what they do and why they want what they want.

When you hear men like Kevin Hart and Gary Vee speak about their work, they are so passionate about the goal and the desire that there is literally no room for excuses or procrastination.

When you talk about what you do, can people feel that?

Do you even feel that?

What is your why?

Your REAL why?

Side note: I say real why because many times as coaches (especially women) we make ourselves feel guilty for what we really want.

If your why is to take your kid on a trip to Disney, then #OWNIT.

If it’s to travel, buy your first car… own that too!

GaryVee wants to buy the NY Jets and he doesn’t make himself feel guilty for it. Kevin Hart wants to be a super-icon rockstar comedian and he is shameless with it.

Now hold up missy, I’m not saying go mail your list and say “Hear-ye hear-ye, friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ear... I desireth to goeth to Mexicoeth, buy my stuff!”

LOL…..  because you just might receive a high volume of unsubscribes!

BUT if you remind yourself of Mexico every time you feel like procrastinating, giving up or getting lazy…. bam! The motivation is back :).


Because the desire is so big for you.

It’s your real why.

2. They have a team or a support system.

Kevin Hart has his personal trainer who literally kicks his butt daily (he even takes him everywhere when he travels, #nodaysoff).

And we all know Garyvee has his VaynerMedia Team and DRock.

So if you are the “I can do it all by myself” or “I don’t need anyone else” kind of person, prepare to stay broke or be burnt out.

Look at Amber (founder of Asquared coach), she is a great example of being supported. She always has epic people on her team.

Plus remember Beyonce and Oprah have the same amount of hours in a day just like you and me, but they are fully supported #QueenStatusActivated

So. Take. Notes!

Go get a coach, a mastermind partner/ bizbestie and even throw in a VA too! Believe me, being supported is super sexy!

So my tip for you if you struggle with being consistent:

-        Reevaluate your WHY. Is it big enough? Is it deep enough? How important is it?

-        Grab a dollop of support because even Jesus had 12 disciples

Lots of love,

Shaneil (Miss Inspirer)

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Shaneil Stewart (Miss Inspirer) is a Success Coach & Visibility Strategist For New Coaches & Service-Based Entrepreneurs Who Want To Stand Out In Their Industries And Book Paying Clients. You can learn more about her at www.clientmagnetmastmerind.com