*Singing* “Happy Birthdaaaay to you… Happy birthday to you…. Happy biiiiirthdaaaay…”

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations… there are so many life events that call for celebration! Why not allow your audience and clients to celebrate with you?!

Relationship building is not only important in our personal lives, but in our businesses as well.  Have you ever seen a person while you were out and about, looked at them and thought, “I know them from somewhere.” Only to realize you only know them through social media? When we want to learn more about a person, where do we go first? ONLINE!

As business owners we are always searching for sharable content. Life events always provide instances that can be leveraged as an opportunity to connect with your audience and clients.

Life events are a perfect opportunity to build “Know, like and trust”.  They also give those that are already connected with you a chance to see that you are a real person going through real experiences.

This year, to celebrate my birthday, I did a 3/21 flash sale. My birthday is March 21st.  The sale lasted for 21 hours. The required deposit was $21.00 and they received 21% off the desired service.

Not all life events HAVE to be celebrated with a sale. Another option is to give them early access. That access could come with additional bonuses or just the benefit of being able to be amongst the first to take part.  

You could allow them to share in your journey by creating a simple social media post or blog.  In times past, I’ve taken a client’s email expressing their thoughts on my services. Whenever possible, it is to our benefit to share a direct quote rather than paraphrasing. Below is an excerpt from an email I received from a client.  They basically said I killed it!  This was my first time capturing a CD release concert. (I didn’t tell anyone that.)   Sharing this moment of excitement with my audience allowed them to celebrate with me, as well as give social proof to those that might be silently watching.

Blogs allow for more detail and you can even add pictures and/or video. One of my favorite past blogs was the one I did celebrating the doctoral graduation of my college roommate. This was not my personal life event, but seeing her walk across the stage, while knowing her journey, inspired me.  Take a look to see how I was able to celebrate her accomplishment as well as create social proof.

However you choose to allow people to experience or celebrate with you… it’s a win for your audience/clients and you.



I have found that if it is important enough for me to bring out my camera (professional or cell phone), it’s something that I can blog or post about.

There is a person that will and does appreciate your perspective. Your celebration or even just acknowledgement of an instance may help someone else see a new thing to be grateful for. You might expose them to a win they were looking over.

I challenge you, the next time you take time to take a picture of an accomplishment, celebrate a life event, or take note of an area of growth, share it with your community. Rather it’s in a blog, a post or through live stream, (Or all of the above because we believe in repurposing and working smart!) share a bit of your world with your audience and clients.  

Tamara D. Woods is owner and lead photographer of Tam D Photography (TDP) where they help visionaries and dreamers capture the manifestation of their hard work though their cameras. TDP is based in Atlanta, Ga. Over time she has realized that the principles she has learned in her photography business can also be applied to other businesses as well. She enjoys helping others find a fresh perspective in their regular operations. Visit www.tamdphotography.com to see some of their work.








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