Editor's note: This week's blog post is a personal one. Last year, I suffered a miscarriage and it rocked my entire world. I didn't know how to cope and decided to bury myself in my work. That only made the problem worse. As female entrepreneurs, there is no manual on how to handle miscarriages when you're trying to build an empire. This week, I'm happy to feature the work of Bridget Osho, who has experienced the same loss and explains how to grow beyond it and to know when you're ready to try again. I hope this helps anyone who has suffered the loss of a baby as it's helped me.


When I found out that I lost my pregnancy, I wanted to have a baby immediately because I couldn't imagine not having a baby after expecting one. I felt that having another baby would help me to move on quickly.

Then I went from wanting a baby immediately to feeling really scared of getting pregnant again because a small voice as always saying, “What if I lost it again.” My stillbirth was unexplained, so I started 'waiting' for the 'perfect time' to try again which frankly, never came. Eventually I just went for it and tried again after a couple of years.

The reason I am sharing this with you is that, for me, neither approach was the best for me. I don't recommend trying to get pregnant immediately because you need to heal, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. On the other hand, waiting too long can also a symptom of not healing properly.

Healing is so important because you need to be at your best to conceive and have a successful pregnancy. You don't want to risk the chance of another loss and you really need to be kind to yourself. You have just gone through a difficult time and caring for yourself isn't selfish. You deserve it and also your baby will also benefit from it.


So how do you know if you are ready to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

First, it's important that you get the go ahead from your doctor. Next, there are 3 incredibly important things to consider:

1. Physical Healing: Have your periods returned? Are they normal in color and texture and are you ovulating? The reason this is important is that even if your lab results say that your hormones are back to normal, normal is different for everybody. The best way to know if you are really ready, is if your periods and ovulation are back to normal. The menstrual cycle is very sensitive to hormonal fluctuations and is an indication whether your uterus is ready for another baby and if you are releasing an egg for conception.

2. Mental Healing: When you think about getting pregnant and having a healthy baby what thoughts come to your mind? If negative thoughts come to your mind e.g. you don't think it is ever going to happen or that you are getting too old etc. This might be an indication that you have not healed from your pregnancy loss. It is normal to feel this way after a loss, but you can certainly heal from it to be more confident.

3. Emotional Healing: Do you have several 'off' days? One minute you are happy and ok, the next minute, you are feeling depressed and angry with yourself, your partner and life in general? This can be another sign that you have not healed from your loss. The better you are, the better your chances of having a successful conception and pregnancy after a loss. The length of time it takes will vary for each person; one woman might only need a couple of months and another woman might need much longer.

I think the more aware you are of this, the less time it takes because you can focus on taking better care of yourself.

I know it can be tempting to start trying for a baby as soon as you’ve been given the all clear from your doctor, but I encourage women to take some time to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically makes it much easier to conceive your baby and carry your pregnancy to term.


Bridget Osho is a holistic fertility therapist and the founder of the Cherie Mamma Institute. She started her career after a pregnancy loss and has since supported many women to conceive their babies naturally. She created the New Eve Fertility Method which is a natural & holistic way to help women heal after pregnancy loss to conceive healthy babies.

She is mother to two lovely kids. You can find out more about her work at www.cheriemamma.org | Facebook