We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Well, on social media it’s worth 10 times that!  Source after source confirms that not only do images increase engagement and interaction with posts on social media, but it's proven scientifically that images grabs attention faster and reaches our brain faster than textual information.

When investing in business imagery, it’s NOT the time to be cheap and go bargain basement shopping for the cheapest photographer on Groupon.  I had to say it. Potential clients are making decisions about you, your business and your brand and whether or not to work with you within seconds.  So quality images for your visual brand matter.

You may be the person that feels that providing a good service is all that matters.  Would you eat a meal at a restaurant that looked liked something the dog left behind simply because the service was good? Just as you’d pass on something that wasn’t appealing, people will pass on reading your website content or marketing promotion because it lacked appeal and wasn’t presented at it’s best.

Am I saying you have to hire the most expensive photographer? Absolutely not, but here are a few reasons why investing in a quality photographer can be a better investment in the long run:

Having a good camera isn’t enough. Many elements to creating dynamic images. Some of the best shots require more time, set up, additional gear and sometimes additional staff and hours of pre-planning for the shoot and editing after the shoot.

A telltale sign of a great photographer versus a novice is their ability to pose and direct a client into the most flattering angles and find the best light.  A novice focuses on picking a “good location” for esthetics sake versus finding the best light, at the best time of day in the most unlikely locations.

An experienced photographer can make suggestions about wardrobe and what will or won’t photograph best.  May not sound like a big deal, but some outfits that look great in our everyday life may not translate well on camera.  These things have a huge impact on the overall images.

A photographer who takes the time to learn about your business and plans a shoot tailored to fit your brand will understand the amount of time and work in doing so and will price themselves accordingly to create a unique experience.

Are there times you’ll use cell phone images showing you’re a real person experiencing real life? Of course, on an appropriate social media platform.  But investing in a quality session to get a variety of looks for a multitude of marketing purposes is invaluable and can last a long time.  What does your business imagery say about you?


Stacy Pierce is a Lifestyle Business Branding and Portrait Photographer based in Orlando.  She’s the force behind the lens of Stacy Pierce Photography.  With a background in business working for top Fortune 500 companies, Stacy took a leap of faith to follow her passion and dreams to define success on her own terms through photography.  Visit her website