With all this self-care talk buzzing around the Internet, I figured now would be the perfect time to add my two cents. I have worked in day spas for years, and I thought I had this self care sh*t covered! I’m supposed to get a massage and get my nails done, right? Well, I was doing those things and, guess what, there was still something missing.  I looked amazing, but what I was unaware of was my inability to fully relax and absorb the changes I was trying to make.

Mentally, I was a wreck and a few coats of Lincoln Park After Dark wasn’t going to change that. The first sign that I would need more than a physical transformation came about while I was getting my nails done at the spa.  Have you ever been to the nail salon and the technicians keep telling you to relax?

“Get it together Kelly this is suppose to be a Spa day!”

Even as I lay on the massage table, butt naked with my head stuck in a hole, I can’t help but to think about missing a call from a client, what I’ll feed my kids, or whether or not the books will be balanced at the end of the month! That massage did nothing for me. Before I was able to relax, the treatment was over.  There I was at the receptionist’s desk, with a $400 bill of fluff.

I get back to my desk, and I go over some notes from a conference I took at IIN.  There were several speakers there that I look up to, as a health coach, but the notes I was reading were from Deepak Chopra.  He says that we are all illuminist, stardust beings and that we have a purpose in the world. I sat there and thought to myself, “Wait a minute. I like that sh*t!

As I sat at my desk, eyes closed, I imagined myself as a hologram coated in glitter with a bright light shining behind me. All of a sudden I felt light, relaxed and beautiful. I love anything that sparkles. Seems like I’m a nut case, right? Right. I’m a nutcase with a calm mind, positive vibes and sparkles. Here’s how I made the transformation from butt naked and stressed, to relaxed and radiant.

Visualization is extremely effective when it comes to quick relaxation. It helps me in business when I am trying to come up with programs, plan retreats or work on my website. It’s fairly easy. All you need is some quiet space and a vivid imagination. I am sure you have that. You are a millennial entrepreneur, right?

  1. Spirituality- I always tell people you don’t have to believe in what I believe in, but you have to believe in something. The world does not begin and end with you. Belief breeds hope and hope brings dreams to life!  There is a beautiful thing that happens inside of us when we are free to live life with a full spirit.  Spirituality does not always mean religion. When you find that thing that keeps you beaming from the inside out you will realize you have discovered your core, your reason for being, your why.

  2. This one is a doosy for most millennial entrepreneurs, but it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, hence the Bold font. Take a break from social media and email. That is right; I said it. Not for a full day, we are running a business, but it is important that you make non-negotiable time for your loved ones. Let’s be honest. You’re having dinner with the family, and an alert goes off. It’s an email from a client. What do you do? Nine times out of ten you’ll answer it. Ok, you answered. Now what? What was supposed to be quality time, spent with the family, is now ruined. Maybe you were talking to your man about how his day went at work, or listening to how your child’s day was at school.  You’ve finished the email, but now the excitement of the moment is gone, and you will be lucky if they remember what they were talking about in the first place. In my family there are phones stacked on the table.  The first one to pick up their phone has to do the dishes. If I am out with girlfriends, the first one buys a round of drinks. I am quite sure I got this idea from somewhere on Facebook, but it is really effective in keeping quality time just that.  Try it!

  3. Self love- loving and appreciating everything you do for your business your family and yourself is the ultimate way of caring for your mind. Treat yourself to dinner every once in a while, just you. 

    Have you ever noticed that when you go out with other people, there is always a compromise? They want chicken and you want seafood. They want to stay in, and you want to go out. The good thing about dating yourself is that you get everything that you want, without feeling guilty about it! Also, if you wait on someone else for everything you want in life, you’ll likely be waiting forever. Make the commitment to nurturing and loving yourself without restrictions.
  4. Same token; LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, GIVE CRAZY LOVE. I never feel happier than when I am doing my part to make someone else happy. I find that most people don’t go out of their way enough. There are so many successful women out here, and you mean to tell me you can’t find at least one a day to complement! Love is contagious, so lets spread it as much as possible.

And there you have it! You’ve got my 2cents and then some. Make your way to www.kellymcneely.com and get on the VIP list for more ways to get sh*t done in your business, while focusing on your health and wellness.  


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Kelly McNeely is a Health, Wellness and Business consultant that helps women who are too busy getting shit done in their business to focus on health & Wellness. Make your way to www.kellymcneely.com and get on the VIP list for more ways to get sh*t done in your business, while focusing on your health and wellness. 


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