The 3 Dangers Of Being A Boss


Speaking the language of the oldest personality assessment tool, the Enneagram, as entrepreneurs we all have a “challenger” in us, a part of our inner being that seeks independence, power and influence. We need those drivers in order to stay motivated and make things happen on our entrepreneurial journey, but there are two sides of this medal.

If you have those needs and are working in your “genius zone” (meaning that you feel balanced and are maximizing your natural strengths), others will see you as a natural leader, a decisive, determined person who is able to face challenges head-on. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

On the flip side, having a “challenger” personality without being fully aware of what it actually means, can easily become a serious obstacle on your entrepreneurial journey, and this is how it happens:

You turn into a control freak

In your stuckness zone, when the need to dominate and control your environment takes over, you may start feeling frustrated or become demotivated if you can’t impose order and structure in every area of your life. The fear of missing something may slow down your progress or give you anxiety that will hold you back from taking your next step up the success ladder.

You put on a mask

In other words, you start avoiding being vulnerable in order not to be taken advantage of. Well, this is the first step towards becoming a bully, because hiding your true emotions is where the “my way or high way” attitude starts and we all know how being inflexible and closed-minded hurts our business progress.

You speak before you think

Being straightforward and direct in your communication is great unless it crosses the line and becomes confrontational or aggressive. The success of your business largely depends on your ability to build strong relationships with people and the “in your face” type of communication may come across as your antisocial attitude. Blunt communication and anger are pretty common for a “challenger” under stress.

The hardest part in the process of breaking free from any limitations is accepting that you actually have them, and too often the ambitious challengers spend too much time in denial, letting their egos that perceive life as a battle shape their reality.

You know that’s not the best strategy for your business success, don’t you? Becoming a charismatic

leader whom others look up to and follow seems like a much easier approach to building a successful empire of your own; so don’t be afraid to be honest with you, especially if you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey.

That little control freak lives in every successful entrepreneur. Your upbringing and culture may also have played a big role in the ways you express yourself and connect with others, but don’t let those justify your internal imbalances.

Taking control of your life is a great decision, being able to stick to it and build a successful business is a fun adventure, and a balanced strong personality is your big advantage. You got it!


Author’s Bio:

Julia Zarina is a passionate motivation insider who empowers Millennials to find their way from stuckness to greatness by helping them understand the human needs that currently drive them. She believes that self-awareness is key to success in business and life and enjoys making the invisible visible. Her blog at is a free resource to learn about intrinsic motivation and explore the hidden sides of your personality.