Amber's Favorite Things 2016

Amber Aziza has a love of products, softwares, and clothes. For the first time, she shares her top 12 must-haves for the holiday season to build the biz of your dreams, speak your passion and live a lifestyle to make Carrie Bradshaw jealous!


Moni B's Lippies

Everyone has seen me rocking new bright and bold lipsticks in the last few months, but what you may not know is my bold new look is thanks to my fave Entrepreneurs, Moni B! Grab your new fave lippie here.

PLUS enjoy an additional 15% off with special code: AMBER15



Treat yourself this season to having your very own housekeeper come clean your home for the holidays. Honestly, guys, this is my secret time-saving weapon! And with cleanings starting at $39, how can you deny yourself the gift of a clean home? Get $10 off your first cleaning when you use this link!


Etaé Natural Products

Wondering how I keep my hair so bouncy, fresh, and healthy on the regular? One word. Etaé. I like to make the road trip to the Etaé Salon in Philly about every 8 weeks, and in the between times, my DC stylist uses the Etaé Products to maintain it. My fave is the chemical-free Caramel Treatment, it keeps my hair pin-straight even in the most humid conditions. Check it out here!


Healing with Bella Layor

Holidays can bring up old wounds and hurt from the past. That's why I've included "Healing" an e-course from Bella Layor Transformational Academy that helps you address cycles of pain from the past that are still operating in your life today. The course is normally $47, but use the code THXAMBER to purchase it for $27!


Ceramics from Sara Lynch

I have mini-obsession with quirky mugs and Sara has become my go-to mug thrower! Check out her ceramics and jewelry here!



"You know I have to throw in some Biz-faves on this list! Leadpages is THE tool for setting up beautiful opt-ins, landing pages, etc. ASquared uses Leadpages for all of our marketing efforts. Check it out today!"



To continue our biz-focus, let me share my fave course-creation site. We house all of ASquared Coach's courses and programs on Thinkific. It's easy to setup and you simply can't beat the price! Check them out here!


Mestre Empire

Sleek Snap-backs, Sexy tees...what more could you ask for from a clothier? How about a good cause and amazing message behind the brand? Mestre Empire does just that by encouraging Millennials to Master their passions while rocking boss gear! Grab your Mestre-gear to show the world that you're a Master in your field!

Use code:  AZ50 for 50% of your purchase!


ColoringPins Zaria Keychains

Remember the quick witted, sarcastic cartoon Daria? She was a STAPLE to Millennial's like me who embraced our sarcasm like a badge of honor! Well check out her melanin-filled cousin, Zaria. Designed by Essence Hayes, these keychains give me such life and take me back to my high school days! Check them out here!


Brand Fame Spark

Feeling like your brand is a bit "blah"? Let's fix that! In-house coach, Minling Chuang has released her 21 Brand Fame Spark Guides to help you transform your biz from boring, dull, and unknown to exciting, booming, and booked-up! 

For only $21 you better check it out today!



In case you're new to me, my 4 month old puppy Daisy pretty much controls every aspect of my life! (She's like a tiny four-legged dictator) One of my fave tools that helps me keep my Daisy-centered life is Barkly, the dog-walking app that allows me to book someone to come walk my love-bug whenever I need at the touch of a button! 

Check it out and get your first walk FREE using this code: amb8436


LuMee Case

You know I love my live-streams and nothing makes my livestreams more fabulous than amazing lighting!! LuMee comes thru with fabulous cell case lighting at a low-low price. Grab yours today!